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Resin Mold Showcase

While most of the molds we offer could be used to create resin projects, we do offer Resin options on all of our molds that will ensure that you receive a mold with thicker walls that can handle a full resin pour without deforming.  This collection highlights some of our most popular molds that are also used for resin, as well as some made specifically for resin use.  

Note that if you would prefer to have a shiny glossy finish on your project coming out of the mold, you should choose the purpose of "Shiny Resin" if available. Otherwise, our master mold housings are made with a 3d printers and while we do work to eliminate a lot of the layer lines from the master mold model, due to the nature of 3d printing, some artifacts are unavoidable, and by default all of our molds will have a Matte finish.

  1. Cow Head - Silicone Freshie Mold - Silicone Mold
  2. Blessed Cross - Silicone Freshie Mold - Silicone Mold
  3. Snowflake - Silicone freshie mold - Silicone Mold