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1.5" wide ribbon by Deco Exchange

  1. White Satin With Blue And White Fluttering Flowers Ribbon, 1.5 Inches X 10 Yards 42406-09-45
  2. Teal And White Checkered Satin With Wild Sunflowers Ribbon, 1.5 Inches X 10 Yards 42445-09-33
  3. Navy Linen With White Leaves And Dots Ribbon, 1.5 Inches X 10 Yards 42427-09-27
    Sold Out
  4. Lime Linen With Lemons And Flowers Ribbon, 1.5 Inches X 10 Yards 41237-09-09
  5. Light Blue Satin With Striped Red, White, And Blue Stars Ribbon, 1.5 Inches X 50 Yards 841-09-406
  6. Coral Ribbed Satin With White Racing Checks Ribbon, 1.5 Inches X 10 Yards 42435-09-43
  7. 1.5"X30Yd Deco Flex Ribbon Royal Blue/White RS4024K4
  8. 1.5"X30Yd Deco Flex Ribbon Black/Gold RS4023K5
    Sold Out
  9. 1.5"X10Yd Rainbow Tinsel Mesh Rainbow RM9981
  10. 1.5"X10Yd Furry Ribbon Lime Green RN588409
  11. 1.5"X10Yd Brush Stroke Stripes/Faux Ryl Wht/Red/Lt Blue/Blue RGC1314A1
  12. 1.5"X10Yd Candy Canes/Holly On Royal Ice Blue/Wht/Red/Emerald RGB1143RM
  13. 1.5"X10Yd Cactus On Royal Mustard/Lt Grn/Pnk/Yllw RGA1637T6
  14. 1.5"X10Yd Brush Stroke Stripes Wht/Yllw/Grn/Red RGC13148R
  15. 1.5"X10Yd Brush Stroke Stripes Blk/Yllw/Grn/Red RGC13149R
  16. 1.5"X10Yd Bold Brush Strokes/Faux Royal Wht/Red/Lt Blue/Blue RGC12817J
  17. 1.5"X10Yd Basket Weave Peach/White RGE138921
  18. 1.5"X10Yd Argyle Spiders On Royal Purple/Orange/Black RGA134923
  19. 1.5"X10Yd Basket Weave Dusty Rose/Ivory RGE1389R6
    Sold Out
  20. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Metallic Ribbon Purple/Lime Green/Copper RG01402A1
    Sold Out
  21. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Large Glitter/Tinsel Mardi Gras RG8984AP
  22. 1.5"X10Yd Argyle Spiders On Royal Lime/Orange/Black/Purple RGA1349E9
  23. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Large Glitter/Tinsel Orange/Black/Purple RG8984YR
  24. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Large Glitter Purple/Orange/Lime RG89819K
    Sold Out
  25. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Large Glitter Orange/Black/Purple RG8981YR
  26. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Metallic Ribbon Purple/Black/Copper RG015367K
  27. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Large Glitter Mardi Gras RG8981AP
  28. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Diagonal Glitter Stripe Purple/Orange/Lime RG89519K
  29. 1.5"X10Yd 3-In-1 Diagonal Glitter Stripe Purple/Black/Orange RG8951GE
  30. 1.5"X10Yd 2-In-1 Ricrac On Royal Burlap Black/Orange/Lime RG2028W4
  31. 1.5"X10Y Red-Wht Cmas Icon Buff Chex,  71162-09-12
  32. 1.5"X10Y Grn-Irid Mtlc Nebula Weave,  78101-09-29
  33. 1.5"X10Y Grey-Irid Mtlc Nebula Weave,  78101-09-51
  34. 1.5"X10Y Dk Nat Linen/Grn-Blk Doodle Cmas Trees, 72139-09-17
  35. 1.5"X10Y Grey Cnvs/Ivory Stamped Cmas Icons,  71161-09-51
  36. 1.5"X100Ft Brush Stroke Stripes Sun Yellow/Yellow/Green/Red RGC331429
  37. 1.5"X10Yd 3 In 1 Metallic Ribbon Mardi Gras RG01402YN

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