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Decorative Beads by Kaotic Kreations

Decorative Beads by Kaotic Kreations.  Items in this collection will ship directly from Kaotic Kreations, separately from your Michelle's Creations order.  These items are not eligible for discounts or free shipping.
  1. Tooth Focal
    Sold Out
  2. Snarky Focal Mix #8
    Sold Out
  3. Dog Mom Sunflower Focal
  4. Dental Squad Focal
  5. Crazy Cat Lady Focal
  6. Cow Kitty Focal
    Sold Out
  7. Bunny Focal
  8. Alien Guy Focal
  9. 14mm Hexagon Frosty #29
  10. #87 Pink Lemonade
  11. #69 Mocha Swirl
  12. #63 Smoke Marble
  13. #41 Pearl White Marble
    Sold Out
  14. #29 Frosty
  15. #125 Eggshell
  16. With God All Things Are Possible Focal
  17. XoXo Focal
  18. Yak Focal
  19. When You Can't Find The Sunshine Round Focal
  20. White Heart Reindeer Focal
  21. Western Boot Focal
  22. We Are One Round Focal
  23. Welcome Friends Focal
  24. Turquoise Junkie Round Focal
  25. Vet Heart Focal
  26. Turtle Focal
  27. This Superhero Wears Scrubs Focal
  28. This Is Me Focal
  29. The Influence Of A Good Teacher Round Focal
  30. This Little Light Of Mine Focal
  31. Teaching Is A Work Of Heart Focal
  32. Teaching Is A work Of Heart White/Red Focal
  33. Teacher Rainbow Focal
  34. That Sounds Like A Horrible Idea Focal
  35. Teaching Is A Work Of Heart Rectangle Focal
  36. Teacher Heart Focal
  37. Teach Striped Pencil Heart Focal
  38. Teacher Life Round Focal
  39. Teacher Apple Focal
  40. Teacher Life Pencil Focal
  41. Teach Love Inspire Focal
  42. Teacher Vibes Focal
  43. Teach Pencil Heart Focal
  44. Teach Love Inspire Apple Focal
  45. Teach Love Hope Inspire Puzzle Focal
  46. Sweet Summer Time Focal
  47. Syringe Focal
  48. Sweet But A Little Twisted Focal
    Sold Out

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